There are big changes in the reform. Our country is about to give birth to a state-level oil and gas

There are big changes in the reform. Our country is about to give birth to a state-level oil and gas company, which is equal to three barrels of oil!

On Sept. 26, Reuters reported that China is establishing the "National Natural Gas Pipeline Firm" . Reuters quoted three people who are familiar with the matter stated: "China is embarking on the formation of natural gas pipeline company, and it is working with the state oil giant to carry out the project." The report showed that the formation of "National Natural Gas Pipeline Company" has entered the "implementation stage" from the "plan" stage and the  has negotiated with "three barrel oil" companies on key issues. China's National Economic Planner National Development and Reform Commission is in consultations with China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petrochemical Corporation and China National Offshore Oil Corporation about the assets of future companies.

Gas pipelines, Sichuan-East gas pipelines, Southwest pipe network consist mainly of skeletal pipe network system. The gas pipelines which are seem to be mature network of natural gas , in fact, they cover up too many deficiencies. The development of China's natural gas pipeline is lagging behind, and resources are relatively concentrated in the hands of a handful of enterprises, which is not conducive to market-oriented process!

At present, China's natural gas pipeline is still in a "fragmented" stage, which directly leads to the "overlap" of many pipeline construction lines, resulting in a waste of resources. It is reported that the three pipelines of CNPC Shaanxi Shaanxi-Beijing-Nanjing Line, CNOOC Mengxi Coal-to-Coal Natural Gas Pipeline and Sinopec Erdos-Anping-Cangzhou Pipeline are similar in that they have the problem of lack of gas source and competition for gas source.

In order to increase the use of natural gas in our country and to make state-owned energy enterprises more efficient, the formation of a natural gas pipeline company has become a "mandatory option."

Once the "National Natural Gas Pipeline Company" was successfully established, it has a milestone significance in the history of oil and gas in our country. By then, the pattern of "tripartite confrontation" in China's oil and gas industry will be broken, and another state-level oil and gas giant will be established.

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