China is Already a big Country of the World's Marine Oil, and has Already Built a Complete Industria

China has become one of the largest offshore oil producing countries in the world. It has built a complete offshore oil industrial system and has attained world advanced level in the field of offshore oil exploration and exploitation, offshore oil engineering technology and other fields.

The establishment of China's marine industrial system

Although many Western high technologies have been introduced successively to China in the process of development, China's oil industry has always adhered to the concept of self-reliance. We can make use of the western technology but never rely on it;  we should insist on cultivating talents by ourselves when we absorb high-end technical talents.

It can be said that self-reliance is the soul and law of survival of China's oil industry, and the same is especially true of the marine oil industry. The concept of self-reliance has made a great contribution to the formation of a complete system of the oil industry in China, including the marine oil industry.

It can be seen that China's offshore oil exploration and exploitation, marine oil engineering technology, large equipment construction and other fields have entered the advanced ranks of the world. Now, a complete system of the marine oil industry has been built.

China moves into the deep sea

The South China Sea is one of the four largest marine oil and gas accumulation centers in the world, and the oil and gas resources here are very rich, among which 70% are hidden in the deep water area. In August, 2014, CNOOC first laid out the deep water, and drilled the first self-run deep-water high-yielding gas field Lingshui 17-2 in China which has been proved that the geological reserves here are over 100 billion cubic meters.

Although, there is still a gap between Lingshui 17-2 and the Mexico Bay and the Beihai oil and gas fields in production. But it can not be denied that China has become one of the world's major marine oil production countries.

The maturity of technology and the accumulation of experience will help China's offshore oil exploration and exploitation move into the deep sea.

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