Xinhua News Agency: China Accelerated the Reform of Oil and Gas pipeline network!


In September 5th, Xinhua News Agency reported that China is pushing forward the reform of oil and gas pipeline network. The report stated that the policy details for the oil and gas pipeline reform will be launched, allowing the third parties to enter the oil and gas pipeline, which is operated by the three state-owned oil giants. And measures will be taken to encourage fair and open use of China's oil and natural gas pipelines to improve the efficiency of the oil and gas pipeline network. It is worth noting that the Xinhua news agency quoted a reform insider as saying: "the opening of oil and gas pipeline network has been discussed for quite a long time, and the specific implementation rules will be made public in the near future.

Since the  date of discussing the reform of the oil and gas industry, we can hear the news everywhere and the insiders in the industry can hear cocoons in their ears. When there is a "big news" attitude, the result is often "much said but little done", without any new ideas. However, the news of this reform seems different from the past. Insiders generally believe: "If the usual oil and gas reform news serves as a" narcotic ", then this reform news can be seen as a prelude to the oil and gas industry."  In May of this year, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued a number of comments on the deepening of the reform of the oil and gas system. This is a "node" of the event, and the introduction of reform indicates that more than two years of reform of the oil and gas system has been officially opened.

At that time, according to informed sources, the reform will start from the main direction, that is, the pipe network. In combination with the news of the Xinhua news agency, it can be seen that the reform of the pipeline network has become a "leader of the oil and gas system", and "the experimental field" has become a reality. For example, in the morning of July 24, 2017, China Petroleum official website issued the article "China oil painting on the reform of the" high definition road map ", which points out that, through the development of a series of reform measures with significant traction, China's oil deepening reform has made breakthroughs in key areas and key links.

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