SCOTON's SDF Dissolvable Frac Ball is a metallic dissolvable frac ball designed to provide zone-successive isolation for frac plugs, frac sleeves and static isolation subs. Its high shear strength allows it to maintain integrity and isolation during high pressure fracturing and the Wraith Frac Ball dissolves at controllable and predictable rates to allow production from all treated zones.

Cast and machined from an aluminum base, the SDF Frac Ball's high shear strength is excellently suited to High Pressure, High Temperature and Horizontal/Extended Reach applications. The SDF Frac Ball only requires exposure to water at temperatures above 100° F to begin dissolving, however faster dissolve rates may be achieved.

SCOTON has developed an empirically proven equation which accurately and reliably predicts the dissolve rate of SDF Frac Ball in water based on its (compound and physical) properties and specific bottom hole temperatures.

SCOTON offers two versions of the SDF Frac Ball, Solid & Hollow, with each available in three standard temperature variants,  Low, Medium & High to accomodate the variety of operator requirements.

Applications of Dissolvable Frac Ball

  • High Pressure Fracturing Operations - Up to 10,000 psi*
  • High Temperature Fracturing Operations - Up to 425° F
  • Vertical, Horizontal and Extended Reach Wellbores

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