SWP Wireline-Set Permanent Packer

The Wireline-Set Permanent TWPTM packer is an effective differential production packer for single or multizone completions. The permanent packer may be slickline, electric line, or hydraulic set on the workstring. They are also designed to leave the packer bore free of all setting devices and maintain a large fluid-bypass area through the packer.

Applications of THL Hydraulic-Set Retrievable Packer

  • High formation, unloading differential, or stimulation pressure areas
  • Pulling tubing without unseating packers
  • High bottomhole temperatures
  • Downhole conditions demanding special running clearance
  • Twin-flow chemical injections systems

PHP Hydraulic-Set Permanent Packer

The hydraulic-set PHP packer is a single-trip permanent millable production packer. It is
ideal for highly deviated and/or single-trip production and injection applications.
This packer includes a one-piece mandrel and sealbore, which eliminates a potential leak path.
It has a low profile for greater running clearance to help reduce problems that may occur when
running in highly deviated and horizontal wells. Premium, metal-to-metal (MTM) thread
connections add to the dependability of the packer.

Benefits of PHP Hydraulic-Set Permanent Packer

  • Potential leak paths minimized
  • No tubing manipulation required during setting
  • Greater running clearance because of low profile of external components
  • Compatible with standard accessory equipment
  • Easy to use in flanged-up completions common to offshore operations

THL Hydraulic-Set Retrievable Packer

This hydraulic-set retrievable THL packer offers high performance at low cost. Because the packer has no holddown buttons, potential leakage from the o-rings is eliminated. A simple change of packer elastomers equips the tool for H2S or higher temperature service.

The tool's small diameter speeds running in. Setting is achieved by running the packer in on tubing, dropping a ball, or setting a slickline plug and applying pressure. No tubing manipulation is required. To release, pull straight up on the production tubing. Setting pressures can be field adjusted, allowing multiple packers to be run and set during a single trip. Tubing can also be spaced out before the packer is set.

Benefits of THL Hydraulic-Set Retrievable Packer

  • High performance at low cost
  • Setting pressures can be adjusted in the field
  • No tubing manipulation is required for setting
  • Requires only a straight pull to release
  • Multiple packers can be run and set in one trip
  • Tubing can be spaced out before the packer is set

RH Hydraulic-Set Retrievable Packers

The hydraulic-set RH packers are designed to be set by pressuring up the tubing string against a plugging device below the packer.
RH packers lock-set mechanically using spring-loaded internal slips. A lower set of mechanical slips holds the packer set against downward forces and an upper set of pressure actuated button slips holds the packer set against differential pressure from below. The packers are released and retrieved by a straight upward pull on the tubing string.

Benefits of RH Hydraulic-Set Retrievable Packers

  • Has a low-pressure setting requirement so rig pumps usually provide enough pressure
  • Allows varied setting pressures with varied numbers of shear screws
  • Requires only a straight pull to release
  • Allows adjustment of pull-to-release in the field
  • Works well in all types of casing

ESP Electric Submersible Pump Packer

The electric submersible pump (ESP) packer is a single trip, single-bore, hydraulic-set packer with a dual head designed to reduce the overall costs of submersible pump completions. It is made up on the tubing string allowing a full bore production tubing ID and passage of an electric cable and control line.

The ESP packer is designed to set with low hydraulic pressure. This allows the packer to be set shallow or in deviated wellbores. Concentric, symmetric elements require less force to compress to the set position, and the elements distribute the setting load more evenly for more dependable operation.

Features and Benefits of ESP Electric Submersible Pump Packer

  • Compatible with feed-through equipment.
  • Easy installation can help make marginally economic wells attractive to produce.
  • Easy retrievability means less time spent on workovers. (ESP workovers often occur more frequently than conventional completion workovers.)
  • Chemical injection and pressure monitoring ports can easily be added through the packer without significant costs.
  • Field redress is quick, easy, and cost effective. Also, only two flow-wetted parts means lower costs when conditions require corrosion-resistant alloys.
  • Performance is long-term and dependable. Elastomeric seals have been minimized. Only six o-rings in the assembly increases reliability.
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