Sliding Side-Door Sleeve

The ST Sliding Side-Door circulation and production sleeve is a full opening device that can be operated using standard slickline methods. It incorporates an internal sleeve that when open enables communication between the tubing and tubing/casing annulus. A nipple profile in the top sub and a polished bore in the bottom sub are standard features and allow accessory tools such as a Side-Door choke or separation tool to be set across the ST device.

Features of Sliding Side-Door Sleeve

  • STX, STR profiles available
  • Polished sealbores in both top and bottom subs
  • All seals are non-elastomer
  • Circulation/production flow area is equal to sleeve ID
  • Packing does not move when sleeve is shifted
  • Collet provides positive sleeve location in the closed, equalizing, and open position
  • Open up and open down versions available
  • Equalizing ports in the inner sleeve allow opening under high differential pressures

Benefits of Sliding Side-Door Sleeve

  • Reliable operation over the life of the well
  • Can be opened repeatedly against high differential pressures
  • Can be shifted in high debris or sandy environments
  • Multiple devices can be run in a single tubing string
  • Several sleeves can be shifted in a single slickline trip
  • Individual sleeves can be opened or closed selectively

Frac Sleeve System

The Frac system optimizes the completion of multistage wellbore by enabling highly accurate placement of stimulation treatments without intervention. This helps ensure the stimulation treatment covers the targeted areas in the wellbore and maximizes the stimulated reservoir area. The Frac system can be run into a wellbore using a casing string to surface to enable a reliable, trouble-free installation.

Features of Frac Sleeve System

  • Up to 41 individual stages
  • Can be used with cement or openhole isolation
  • Positive locking engagement when sleeve is opened
  • 10,000 psi in 350°F rated standard service
  • High pressure/high temperature (HP/HT) and sour service available

Benefits of Frac Sleeve System

  • Enables continuous pumping of multi-stage wellbores for stimulation treatments
  • No intervention required
  • Reduces completion cycle time
  • Provides positive placement of the stimulation treatment
  • Reduces completion costs
  • Eliminates over-displacements
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