Tubing-Retrievable Safety Valves

SCOTON's tubing-retrievable safety valves (TRSV) comprise a line of general production, hydraulically operated, downhole tubing-retrievable safety valves. The valve is designed and built for performance and reliability. The rugged hydraulic actuator of the safety valve provides durability and isolates the internal workings from well fluids through its unique construction.

The metal-to-metal (MTM) sealing integrity in the body joints and closure mechanism places it in a premium valve category while featuring an economical price. The simple, compact design enhances the valve’s overall reliability and provides for trouble-free operation.

Features of Tubing-Retrievable Safety Valves

  • Simple, compact design
  • Complete metal-to-metal well containment in the closed position (body/seat connections and flapper)
  • MTM flapper sealing verified to sand service (no resilient seal required)
  • Unique hydraulic actuation (single-piece piston/flow tube)
  • Hydraulic chamber construction isolates the majority of the internal valve components and exposes them to clean hydraulic fluid
  • Positive debris barrier at both ends of flow tube in full open position
  • Maximized piston area and spring force
  • Establishes the standard for premium, consistent metallurgy throughout the valve
  • Flow tube construction prevents well solids and debris from settling on top of the piston

Benefits of Tubing-Retrievable Safety Valves

  • Helps increase optimum reliability and durability
  • Helps provide superior well containment and safety
  • Helps increase valve life
  • Low friction, smooth operation
  • Critical components isolated from well environment
  • Enhanced debris isolation and tolerance
  • Minimized potential leak paths
  • Maximized forces during valve opening and closing
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