How will artificial intelligence change the oil industry?

In recent years, the vigorous development and upgrading of new and high technologies have rejuvenated people's knowledge of the traditional petroleum exploration and development industry technologies. The changes and innovations in many areas of the oil industry, such as enhanced oil recovery, directional drilling and geosteering, deepwater drilling and completion and the unconventional development of oil and gas, mean that we are achieving higher levels of complex reservoirs at cheaper prices. If, as Kai-Fu Lee put it, "90% of the work will be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future," the explosive replacement of new technologies in the oil industry will make us have to think about who will shift the main oil industry over the next 10 years?

Artificial Intelligence

Epoch-making Technology

In general, the application of artificial intelligence in the oil industry is still slightly backward, while it is basically in the initial stage of exploration. However, integrated sensors, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI) and self driving technology are creating and changing an era, which has brought great challenges and remolding possibilities to the "very traditional" oil industry.

To meet the era of artificial intelligence in the oil industry, in the next ten years?

Although petroleum engineering and development have been highly integrated with software development and application, the arrival of artificial intelligence will probably destroy the thinking and operation mode of the petroleum industry. This will also be bound to the future oil industry recruitment skills required to bring revolutionary change. In this rapidly changing era, we in the oil industry will also constantly wonder whether conventional petroleum engineering skills will still exist in the near future in one place, having the traditional technical knowledge of oil engineering alone is no longer the competitive edge of the oil industry in the future.

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