System Description of SEMWD-2000

The system is made up of downhole tools and surface equipment. The downhole tools connected in the drilling-string can measure directional parameters and GR parameters, then send them to the surface. The waves are caught by the Surface Receiver. After amplification, de-noising and digital data acquisition, the data can be recovered, displayed and recorded by the computer, the directional parameters are displayed on the driller's monitor.

Application Area of SEMWD-2000

  • MWD of gas drilling and mixed medium drilling wells.
  • Vertical drilling control.
  • MWD of shallow formations and coal seam gas wells.
  • Horizontal wells and directional wells that suitable for electromagnetic wave transferring.

Parameters Measured:
Well deviation, azimuth, tool face, temperature, GR, resistivity, annular pressure, etc.

Technical Specifications of SEMWD-2000

Measure range and accuracy:

Deviation: 0~180° ±0.2°

OD: 48mm

Azimuth: 0~360° ±1.5°

Drill Collar OD: 4.75”, 6.5”, 7”

Tool face: 0~360° ±1.5°

Carrier wave: 2Hz~12.5Hz

GR: 0~500API ±7%

Baud rate: 0.5~6.25 bit/s

Temperature: -25~125℃

Formation resistivity: 2~1000Ω·m

Pressure: 105MPa

Continues working time: 200h

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