Ram BOP is a key part of well-control equipment. It’s used for controlling wellhead pressure during well drilling, workover and testing etc., preventing well blowout effectively and realizing safe construction. It can be used:
  • To seal the annulus area between casing and drilling string by pipe ram when there is tubular in thewell bore;
  • To seal the well completely by blind ram when there is no tubular in the well bore;
  • To cut off the drilling strings to seal the well by shear ram when in emergence;
  • To circulate, release, kill or clean the well by connection with the spool and choke & kill manifold when the wellhead is close;
  • To control the well pressure effectively by connection with choke & kill manifold, achieving near-balanced drilling operation.

Type U Ram Bop

TYPE U ram BOP is designed and manufactured according to API Spec 16A standard and GB/T20174 Drilling and production equipment-Drill-through equipment, and is equipped with rams of various sizes.
With the best quality front ram rubber, top ram rubber and flange sealing stacks, TYPE U ram BOP can work during the extreme working condition including extremely high or low temperature and extreme chemical environment.

Features of Ram Blowout Preventer

  • The pressure-bearing components are forged, so it has better strength and impact toughness Floating sealing is applied to the cylinder cover and the open/close of the cover is realized by hydraulic power, so it is quick and convenient for changing rams
  • The auxiliary oil cylinder affords a smaller volume with same function
  • The ram rubber has massive storage volume, and it adopts self-contained sealing
  • The standard configuration includes a manual locking device, which ensures the ram is closed tightly in case there is a hydraulic pressure loss
  • Both the manual and hydraulic locking device and the auxiliary oil cylinder can be installed flexibly into different positions according tocustomers' requirements, and the installation positions can be changed easily
  • Ram cavity can be fitted with ram assembly of same type BOP made abroad

Type S ram Bop

The design and manufacture of Type S Ram BOP is according to API Spec 16A standard. Type S Ram BOP can be equipped with rams of various sizes.

Structure Features of Type S ram Bop

  • Body and side door are made of alloy steel
  • Use floating type ram. Front ram rubber is separated from top ram rubber, making it more reliable in sealing and easier to change
  • Use buried oil way inside body. Loading hinge is separated from hydraulic hinge
  • Compact hinge structure makes it easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Use arc-shaped body chamber with four round corners as transition section to reduce stress peak value whenever bearing the pressure
  • Ram cavity can be fitted with ram assembly of same type BOP made abroad
  • Flange grooves are stainless steel lined

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