Application of sucker rod BOP

Sucker rod BOP is safety combined sealing device installed in the wellhead, prevent well kick and blowout caused by high pressure gas carry over oil and water, during  the process of workover operation, lifting of sucker rod; When occurs  abnormal situation in the process of lifting sucker rod, turn the screw drive pipe ram closed, seal sucker rod annular space, seal the wellhead, to make sure safe production and preventing blowout accidents, protect the environment. Specific work is: when the well have sucker rod inside, it can seal sucker rod annular space, a pair of rubber core can seal: 3/4", 7/8",1" sucker rod without replacement (according to customer requirements).

Description of structure and working principle

This BOP made of alloy steel forgings, its cavity is oval structure, make stress state reasonable; light weight, low height, small size make the BOP easy to operation; Upper and lower sealing cavity structure is compact,  locking screw adopts double ends left hand acme screw thread, reduce the time of shut-in and turning numbers.

BOP mainly make up of main shell, two opposite movement ram assembly, side door, piston, piston rod, screw rod etc, When need to seal the well, start the hydraulic control system, hydraulic oil go into the bop cylinder closed cavity through closed oil way, push the two ram move to the hole center, relying on the cooperation of inside packing unit and top packing unit can realize the sealing of well. When the hydraulic oil go into bop cylinder open cavity through opened oil way, oil pressure move the ram backward to start up the well.

The operator must pay attention to: the BOP with both hydraulic control and manual control function; If hydraulic control fails, can use manual control to start and close the well. Right-hand rotate the handwheel to make threaded screw drive piston and ram move to the hole center, so as to closed the well. Counterclockwise rotate the handwheel can open the ram. If the well need a long time sealing, after hydraulic control closed, can also lock the ram by manual control.

Ram rubber core is rubber product, its outstanding feature is: under external force, the elastic deformation is big, evenly cling to the sealing surface, prevent leakage,remove the external forces can be recovered. Sealing principle is the rubber core deformation after extruding, then tightly hug the pipe string or rope.
To realize sealing well, BOP should confirm four place sealing work at the same time: ram inside sealing and pipe string, ram top sealing and shell, shell and end shield, end shield and piston rod.

BOP spare parts which touch well liquid hydrogen sulfide corrosion meet GB/T20174-2006、API Spec16A.
Steel material temperature grade code: T0
Working temperature range: -18℃~+121℃

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