Pneumatic Spinning Wrench

The SSW-40 pneumatic spinning wrench is designed to spin drill pipe and collars from 3-1/2" to 9-1/2" OD. It is designed as a pair of mirror image sub-assemblies, each containing a powerful air motor and a rugged gearbox that drive a pair of steel rollers. Connected by and adjustable linkage, an air bellows provides a simple approach to achieving the powerful clamping forces needed to drive and shoulder the pipe with authority. No additional components are required, no rollers to change, and maintenance is straightforward, simple, and easy.

Controls are large and easily operated with a gloved hand. Their action is intuitive Clamp the jaws by pressing the air valve, unclamp by pulling it; you push the throttle lever in to spin in, you pull it to spin out. Simple and direct.

SSW-40 Features

  • Compared to a Spinning chain, the SSW-40 after significant Safety features including eliminating the traditional injuries associated with a chain.
  • The SSW-40 IS faster and more powerful than either a chain or conventional powered chain or two-roller spinning tool. It grips the pipe firmly and does not slip, even in oil-base mud.
  • The rollers of the SSW-40 will not damage drill pipe as do chains and powered chain spinning device that tend to machine the tube body, creating stress raisers. This can result in considerable savings in drill pipe costs for the operator.
  • The SSW-40 bumps the shoulders of the connection with 1100 ft-lbs of power, resulting in fewer strokes having to be taken with the tongs -saving considerable trip time and more profitable hours on bottom.
  • By reducing crew fatigue, the SSW-40 helps keep the floor crew sharp and focused on the task of running pipe.
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