Plug valve is in the united states based on SPM company transfer of technology for digestion, Absorption and the lower torque cock valve series products of technological innovation, the body all adopt high quality strength steel alloy forging and become. Specification are 1", 2", 3", 42 Mpa and 70 Mpa, the rated working pressure of 105 Mpa and 105 Mpa the connection model can be used by the union connection, also can use the internal and external thread (LP\TBG)connection. All kinds of series foreign products. Repair kits are interchangeable SPM similar products with the United States. Can provide the normal temperature, low temperature and sulfurous gas under the conditions of use of cock and repair kits.

Design feature of Plug Valve

  • Body of preventive maintenance an no need to be removed from the pipeline, no special tools required for removal, which ca n realize the online maintenance;
  • Special plating technology on cock, make excellent abrasion resistance and anticorrosive;
  • The switch has obvious logo and limit mechanism;
  • Plug valves have many options open device for;
  • Has a low torque performance, flexible operation of portable;
  • Special sealing grease lubrication and sealing dual function.

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