WGY375 Hydraulic Slip

WGY375 hydraulic slip developed and produced by our company is a hydraulic operation tool for clamping casing during the drilling operation of petroleum and natural gas. Apply to the use of the 375 turntable, this hydraulic slip structure is compact, safe and reliable, which solves the back sprains and fatigue that many be occurred when workers use the manual slip, reduces labor intensity of workers and improves the work efficiency. If this equipment is installed on a turntable, it should keep horizontal to turntable and is convenient for the works of casing tong. It does not need to build another working platform to achieve a clean and safe working environment. The maximum torque that equipment can provide is 35,000 ft-lbs (47.5kN • m). The pressed slip can clamp the casing tightly so as not to re-use manual slip and back-up wrench.

Main Technical Parameters of WGY375 Hydraulic Slip

1. Main parameter

  • Load: 500T
  • Applicable casing pipe diameter: 4 1 / 2 ~14
  • Turntable size: 37 1 / 2
  • Height: 35
  • Maximum torque: 35,000ft-lbs(47.5kN·m)

2. Hydraulic system

  • Maximum working pressure: 2500PSI(17.5MPa)
  • Loop pipeline filter: 10 micrometer
  • The maximum operating oil temperature: 82℃;
  • Before starting the operation of the equipment, firstly make the slip body do alternating movement up and down to exclude the air in the hydraulic pipelines;

Attention: If the pipeline remains air, it may cause dysfunctional of equipment operation and reduction of hydraulic pressure.

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