The top of Pegasus Star telemetry tool is a standard GO connection. The lower connection is a 13 pin threaded collar that supports the latest generation Pegasus Tools. A 13-4 pin adaptor is available to support 4 pin generation Pegasus series tools.

PegasusStar SRO telemetry system has the following features

  • Auto-connect
After power-up, the PegasusStar telemetry will automatically connect and establish communications between surface and downhole. There is no setup or configuration necessary – the engineer can just focus on logging. Front panel LED and software GUI provides immediate feedback on the connection status. Link speed and all status information is reported via warrior.
  • Self-Adapting
PegasusStar will automatically adjust to the maximum uplink speed supported by the wireline cable and conditions. The system's automatic noise suppression reduces any interference.
  • Half-duplex
Uplink is based on Digital Multicarrier Modulation (DMM) technology and downlink is based on Alternative Mark Inversion (AMI). By applying Time Division (TD) technology the telemetry achieves half duplex communications, where downlink commands don't interfere with the high-speed uplink signaling.
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