SCJ type super fishing jar is a fishing tool that provides larger jarriing force when compared with others of the same specifications. This jar's structure is compact, performance is reliable and is easy to adjust and operate under different drilling conditions. The SCJ type super jar is a new type of top jarring tool used in oilfield, geological exploration and drilling operation.

Working principle of Super Fishing Jar

SCJ type super fishing jar achieves the top jarring action by means of hydraulic mechanism. When the drill tool attached directly above the super fishing jar is raised, there is sufficient time for the drill tool to store elastic energy due to the damping action between the tapered piston and the sealing body. When the taper piston slowly moves to the release bore, the drill tool suddenly contracts and produces an upward dynamic load by the instant unloading of the pressurized hydraulic oil. A reliable impact working surface is designed in the product structure to ensure that a large upward jarring force is generated to free the stuck drill tool while hard stopping the piston. SCJ type super jar uses the spline for torque transmission, so as to aid the rotation of the drill tool and mud circulation at the bottom of the well. An important feature of this jar is the ease of closing and resetting the tools for consecutive jarring.

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