SD Rotary Slips

Drill pipe slips are used to accommodate drill pipe from 2 3/8" to 7". The SD Drill Pipe Slip has a unique full warp around grip and insert design to prevent damage to the drill pipe. The design of the slips with its dove tail slots holds the inserts securely in place and are easily changed to different size pipes:Short (SDS), Medium(SDML) AND Long (SDXL) covers the shallowest and deepest wells.

Type DU Slips

The "DU" Rotary slips are designed for long trouble free service.They are made of alloy steel and heat-treated for strength and resistance to wear:They are for use in API tapered bowls.

TYPE CMS Casing Slips
The CMSXL Style are full wrap around grip style slips to meet the heavy casing loads. they use button type inserts for maximum grip and range in size from 6 5/8"-30" O.D. casing.

Type UC-3 Casing Slips

The UC-3 style slips  have 3" taper (except 8 5/8"  down which has 4" taper).  Sizes offered are 8 5/8" to 13 3/8".

Type DCS Drill Collar Slips

There are  three types of DCS Drill Collar Slips: S, R and L. They can accommodate Drill collars from 3in (76.2mm) to 14in (355.6mm)O.D.
The handing size can be adjusted by changing the quality of inserts or slip body.

Type A Drill Collar Slip (Woolley Style)
Drill Collar Slip Type A is multi-segment slips. They can accommodate the changes of outer diameter after the abrasion of drill collar. they are with light weight, large handing scale and reliable quality.

Type B Drill Collar Slip (Woolley Style)
There are three model of Drill Pipe Type B: B Short, B Long and X Long. The unique torque transmitting design can directly transfer all the torque to the slips .avoiding the abrasion, prolonging the service life.

Type C Safety Clamps
Safety Clamps are used for handing flush joint pipe, drill collars or other non-shouldered tool diameters. The safety clamp is used to help prevent tools from sliding into the hole while making -up or breaking out. Safety Clamps Type C is tools for handing flush joint pipes and drill collars.They can accommodate pipes from 3  to 15 inch.

Type T Safety Clamps
Type T Safety Clamps are tools for handing flush joint pipes and drill collars. They can accommodate pipes from 1 1/8" to 4".

Type MP Safety Clamps
Safety Clamps Type MP are necessary tools for handing drill collars,flush joint pipes and small shoulder pipes. They could adjust pipes of different sizes by changing the quantity of chain links.

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