The Features of Rotary Drilling Hose

SCONTON is one of the leading rotary drilling hose manufacturers in China and we provide different length on customer demand.

  • Applicability: Used in drilling, cementing and workover service as flexible connection for mud manifold, cement manifold, choke kill manifold to transport water base mud, oil base mud and washing fluid at high pressure in large volumes.
  • TEMPERATURE:  -20℃~+121℃(Grade B+U)
  • TUBE: Synthetic rubber. Oil, abrasion, acid & alkali resistant.
  • REINFORCEMENT: 2-8 layers of high strength steel wire spiral.
  • COVER: Featuring oil resistant, low temperature, weather proof and anti-aging.
  • CONNECTIONS: LP and TBG of API Spec 5B; Flange or clip of API Spec 6A; Integral union; welded hammer union
  • Special type can be available upon customer's request.
  • OPTIONAL: Accessories such as safety chains, safety clamps, lifting eye and collar clamp are available.
  • STANDARD: API Spec 7K, the scope of this license includes the following products: High Pressure Mud and Cement Hose-FSL 0, 1, 2.

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