Multi-finger caliper logging tool is the latest in technology and reliability. Based on sound engineering and machining, and combined with input from field experience, Multi-finger caliper logging tool is making itself known across the globe. The Multi-finger caliper logging tool provides a high resolution log along with the standard directional measurements expected from a modern caliper. It is completely Warrior Compatible, and does not require special keys and panels to operate. The tool has an integral digital telemetry cartridge which has proven to be extremely robust, operating easily on a wide range of electric lines. If you have a Warrior Data Acquisition System, you can begin logging right away.

Multi-finger Caliper Raw Log

The MFC sends an I.D. image (one sensor for each finger) plus additional curves: deviation and relative bearing for orientation and some control curves such as cablehead voltage and temperature. In addition there are some calculated curves derived from the image: Average I.D., Maximum I.D. and Minimum I.D.

Multi-finger Caliper Uses

The multi-finger caliper is used to detect casing deformation, bending, fracture, hole and inner wall corrosion by individual measuring fingers. The Displacement Sensors Without
Contact (Patented technology) are used to make high density measurement at limited diameter. The logging data is processed to get casing inner face imaging, circumferential profile imaging and cylindrical three dimensional imaging to clearly reflect casing damage. By using the relative azimuth, the effect of tool rotation can be adjusted as well.

Application and  features of Multi-finger Caliper Logging Tool

  • Available in 24, 40 and 60 fingers
  • Optional Extension Kit available for all sizes
  • Combinable with all Pegasus Series Tools
  • Compatible with PegasusStar Cased Hole Logging Platform
  • Has Built-in Wellbore Temperature and 3-axis accelerometer able to provide crucial information about the Well Conditions including: Temperature, Deviation and Finger position
  • SCOPro Compatible for analysis and reporting
  • Warrior Compatible

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