Sinopec and Jingdong signed a major strategic contract, and Liu Qiangdong finally shot towards the

Sinopec and Jingdong signed a major strategic contract, Liu Qiangdong finally shot towards the gas stations which are more than 30,000!

A cooperation agreement which is seemingly insignificant and two enterprises which are seemingly irrelevant, but they walked together in the end.

Jingdong fancies Sinopec store?

In recent years, Jingdong has paid great attention to the group's B2B business "Jingdong New Pathway" layout. Many media outlets have stated on the issue: "Sinopec owns more than 30,000 gas stations and 25,000 convenience stores based on these gas stations which form a wide retail network in China. Liu Qiangdong fancies the advantages of the petrochemical stores.

Sinopec also has a huge client resource advantage. Nearly 300 million motor vehicle users nationwide will choose Sinopec Gas Station, providing an average of 20 million service-related services daily. Since Sinopec launched exclusive gas card business in 2004, people who hold cards are mostly middle- and high-end individual customers and corporate customers.

In this era of "flow is the king," it is self-evident that Sinopec, which has such a huge sales channel and consumer traffic, has become a Jingdong strategic partner.

Sinopec further deepen the reform with the help of Jingdong

As we all know, Sinopec has played a "vanguard" role in the reform of petroleum enterprises and played an "exemplary role." Since the reform of state-owned enterprises, Sinopec has never stopped exploring the mode of enterprise reform, and it has been continuously innovating and exceeding in enterprise reform.

The strategic cooperation between Sinopec and Jingdong will open a new mode of cooperation, and it will also increase the sales segment revenue and fixed asset utilization efficiency. All this will provide a guarantee for the "deepening reform" of Sinopec's sales segment.

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