Performance of Mud Pump

The two main parameters of the performance mud pump we refer to  are displacement and pressure.


The displacement is calculated by the amount of litre it discharges per minute. It relates to the diameter of drill and its required up-hole velocity of flushing fluid. Which means, the larger the diameter, the larger the required displacement. It is also required that the up-hole velocity of flushing fluid is able to clean rock debris powder in the bottom of the hole. Normally, the up-hole velocity is around 0.4-1.0 meter per minute when it works.


The pressure of mud pump is determined by the depth of drill hole, the resistance of transfer passage and the property of flushing fluid. The deeper the drill hole, the bigger the resistance, and the higher the required pressure. As the changing of diameter and depth, the displacement of mud pump is also supposed to adjust at any time. To change displacement, we can set a gearbox in mud pump, or adjust its speed by hydraulic motor. To grasp accurately the change of pressure and displacement, we need to install flow-meter and pressure gauge, thus to help drilling technicians to realize the operation of mud pump at any time, and meanwhile to judge the status in the hole to prevent accidents.
9 P 100 Mud Pump
                                            9 P 100 Mud Pump

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