Once again, the United States spoils. When will Russia's $ 10 billion natural gas pipeline can be pu

Once again, the United States spoils. When will Russia's $ 10 billion natural gas pipeline can be put into use ? According to Reuters news on December 12th, the U.S. accusated that Germany supported Russia's "Beixi NO.2" pipeline project ,which may accelerate Moscow's ability to manipulate the European energy market and which is not conducive to the safety of the European energy market. The U.S . also praised Denmark for hindering the project by passing the bill . The "Beixi No.2 " , which was put forward in September 2015, is a 1224km natural gas pipeline that spans the existing landlocked routes of Ukraine and Poland and spans the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany. Originally, it was scheduled to start operation in 2019, and Russia will deliver 55 billion cubic meters every year to Germany to meet 10% of Europe's demand ,which is equivalent to the natural gas demand of 26 million households.

The natural gas pipeline that German is eager to have and Russia is going to win , which had its roots in the EU and had been reacting differently within the EU from the very beginning and now it is suffering from more and more obstacles. The repeated spoils of the United States made the natural gas pipeline more and more politically overthrown. How will the $ 10 billion natural gas pipeline develop in the future ? At present, EU member states serious differences on the "Beixi No.2" project. Eastern European countries represented by Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia and other countries are strongly against it. The Polish government stated that the project will not only lose billions of euros in transit revenue for Ukraine, Slovakia and Poland, but also enhance the hegemony of Gazprom and weaken the EU's competitiveness in energy trade with Russia.

On November 30, Denmark revised its regulatory framework and passed a law that allowed authorities to hold the reasons that is related to security and foreign policies . This law aimed to block Russia's Beixi NO.2 gas pipeline through its waters, making Denmark in geopolitical and political conflict. However, Western European countries such as Germany and France regard this project as an important complement to their energy supply, which not only reduces transportation costs but also avoids the war and complex geopolitical risks.

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